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Meet out Team
Segun Headshot

Segun Olagunju


Segun Olagunju ( or Mr. O as he is warmly known on campus) is the architect and visionary behind African Leadership Academy’s renowned Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum.  As inaugural Head of Entrepreneurial Leadership, he has shaped and created a one of a one-of- a-kind leadership development experience for youth ages 14-22, which has seen over 40 student-run businesses created on campus and an additional 50+ projects across the continent. The work of these student led projects has impacted over seven million youth across the continent already – upskilling youth, championing peace, and creating jobs. Segun is a leading strategic advisor and executive trainer to organizations and corporates on all things leadership and entrepreneurship. He is a certified Coach and is passionate about pioneering 21st Century skills for educators in the African context.


Ryan Findley

Leadership Curriculum Lead

Working with Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) at African Leadership Academy, Ryan served as the Leadership Curriculum Lead for both CEL and the Academy’s Lifelong Engagement Department; Ryan also served as Director of the Global Scholars Program. Ryan has leveraged his worldwide leadership development expertise to consult to schools and organizations about building their leadership curriculum from the classroom to the boardroom. Ryan has trained teachers globally in the areas of experiential learning, design thinking, values-based (character) education and entrepreneurship education. Ryan also works with African Leadership University, leading the program design of ALU’s newly launched MBA program.

Zuki Headshot

Zukiswa Mthimunya

African Education Consultant

Zukiswa is the Centre¹s Lead Consultant in the Africa region excluding Nigeria. She is responsible for designing and delivering responsive entrepreneurial leadership solutions and training for schools and educators in the region. As co-leader of curriculum development and instruction for the Year One programme in the Entrepreneurial Leadership Department, Zuki oversaw enhancements in the critical transition of Year One students into the Student Enterprise Program. Prior to joining ALA, Zuki was the Assistant Director of the Urban Education Leaders Collaborative (UELC) at Teachers College Columbia University in New York City. She also brings a wealth of experience in strategy development, customer service strategy, talent and leadership development gained during her time in the financial services sector at Standard Bank of South Africa, and Liberty Life. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in the Ed.D. Interdisciplinary Studies in Education program at Teachers College Columbia University. Her research focus is on development of contextual preparation processes for urban school principals to prepare them as instructional and organizational leaders.

Head Shot

Perry Dubow

Programs Fellow


Nkembo Kiala

Advisory Fellow


Chris Bradford

CEO, African Leadership Academy

Chris brings a hybrid background in business and education to his work designing and building institutions of excellence. Chris previously worked in brand management at The Procter and Gamble Company and as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group. He has also consulted to the Broad Foundation, one of the leading educational foundations in the United States, and taught economics and physics at Oundle School, one of the leading coeducational boarding schools in England.

Josh Adler

VP, Global Programs

Josh Adler is a self-proclaimed “social impact explorer”, trying to figure out how best leverage the nexus of business, technology, education and social development to create new and meaningful public value. A former tech entrepreneur, he joined African Leadership Academy in October 2012, and couldn’t be more happy to have done so.

Uzo Agyare-Kumi

Dean Emeritus of the Academy

Uzo Agyare-Kumi is an educator and social activist with a passion for helping young people develop the skills they need to flourish as confident, productive members of society. A dual Nigerian/British citizen, Uzo spent her childhood in the United Kingdom and Lagos, Nigeria before moving to eastern Nigeria for undergraduate studies at the University of Nigeria.

Matthew Young

Associate Dean of Learning and Innovation

Matthew has been immersed in schools and youth programs for his entire life. As the son of a math teacher, coach, and retired school head, he grew up on the Hawken School campus outside of Cleveland, Ohio and has served as a teacher and administrator with schools in the US and abroad since 1993.