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We have spent nearly six years developing our Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum, adapting best practices from leading programs around the world such as the Stanford, IDEO, +Acumen, and the Center for Creative Leadership. When you hire our team or attend a training, you tap into that expertise. We equip you with everything necessary to run our two year Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum, or specific subcomponents, such as:
  • Teacher tools | Lesson plans, facilitator’s guides, slideshows, and texts
  • Assessment software | Our unique tool tracks students’ character growth
  • Journey Journal | A student tool that guides them through their leadership development
  • EL Case studies | High school-relevant cases of EL in action, complete with teacher’s guides

Because we believe training is critical for you to implement the curriculum, we would like to invite you to visit us on campus, or attend a teacher workshop in order to access these resources. Visiting ALA is critical to successfully applying the tools in your own context, whether it is a school, club, or NGO.