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We support teams who are launching new schools and transforming existing schools. We work with heads of school, deans, and teachers to shape school culture, student programming, and curriculum to support leadership development in every facet of the 21st century school. We will leverage our expertise and experience to help you customize our curriculum to your context; structure and integrate your school around leadership learning; or design the broader organizational ecosystem.

We offer the following advisory services:


Contextualized Curriculum

We work with your team to adapt ALA’s Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum to your school’s context and co-create your school’s leadership development model. Working alongside your leadership team and faculty, we help scope, design, and sequence your curriculum. We provide training and coaching to ensure your team implements the curriculum to a high standard of excellence, including a one-week customized visit to ALA, and bi-weekly call with a CEL team member.

Areas of Expertise: Leadership, Entrepreneurship & African Studies curricula; Cognitive-based coaching; Edu-product design.


School Wide

We provide in-depth support for your entire school and community, integrating ALA’s culture and approach into every aspect of your school. You have access to the full suite of ALA curricula, including African Studies, Writing & Rhetoric, Wellness, and Seminal Readings. CEL representatives are available for faculty training and other visits, by request. This level includes all elements listed above with Contextualized Curriculum.

Areas of expertise: Teacher Training; On-Boarding; Culture-building; Cross-curricular; Skills Mapping; African Studies; Writing & Rhetoric; Discipline; Residential Li


Organizational Thought Partner

Team Up With Us

We typically partner with schools for three years. Prices vary based the level of partnership and the level to which organizations can invest. Reach out to us at or fill out the Contact Form.