The Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) develops the next generation of schools. We equip teachers and entrepreneurs with tools, workshops, and advice, by consulting, training, and sharing our pioneering curriculum, so they can empower youth to be entrepreneurial leaders.


We consult teams who are launching or transforming schools, camps, and developmental programs.

We’ve spent nearly ten years and countless hours developing our model, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Partners learn from our expertise through long-term consulting, customized to their needs.

Examples of elements include training of your admissions staff by our team, sending one of your faculty to teach at ALA for a year, a list of certified EL Educators for hiring, and one-on-one coaching with our Master EL Educators.



Our multi-day in-residence workshops equip educators to replicate core components of ALA’s Entrepreneurial Leadership education model.

They include experiential sessions, class observations, one-on-one coaching, immersion in ALA campus life, and collaboration with other educators. You will walk away ready to adapt a component from our curriculum to your own classroom or school.

Whether you are interested in integrating Entrepreneurial Leadership into an existing program at your school, launching a new unit as part of an existing course, or even creating a new course at your school, these workshops will give you the tools to do so.




We share our curriculum, content, and tools.

If you hire our team or attend a training, we equip you with the necessary tools to run our two year Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum or specific units.

Including lesson plans, facilitator’s guides, texts, case studies, and assessment software to track character growth. Our partners also engage in our online community and share their own resources.



We connect a global Entrepreneurial Leadership education community.

All partners gain membership into our unique online community, where innovative educators from around the world gain support to strengthen their work.

It is a place to share success stories, seek advice, read thought-provoking articles about trends in education, and access opportunities for funding, professional development, and jobs – all curated by our team of experts.

CEL supports teachers & students to become the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.


How it All Started
In 2010, African Leadership Academy partnered with the MasterCard Foundation to create the Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL). Designed as a meeting place for leading entrepreneurs, thought leaders, practitioners, and innovators, CEL has spent the last five years redesigning 21st Century global education with the help of some of the world’s foremost education experts.


Clients we have worked with and implemented our products

In 2013, a team of business gurus called "LEAF" set out to make Central Europe a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship and pride.

Hoping to start a high school, the LEAF team visited some of the top high schools in the world and they eventually visited ALA; they were so impressed that they came back again. And then again.

Finally, after traveling around the world looking for the best leadership education models they chose to partner with CEL at ALA.


Schools across the world are broken. We’ve all heard the calls for reform; experts such as Ken Robinson, Tony Wagner, Paul Tough and ALA’s own board member, Ted Dintersmith, have argued that schools need to transform from an archaic model built to train factory workers. According to them, the school of the 21st century should develop youth who are creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial, with the character and leadership skills to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We call this creating agents of positive change.
We are singularly committed to the vision of enabling a new generation of transformative leaders to actively bring about peace and prosperity for Africa in our lifetime.




There is power of inclusive processes, user-generated solutions, and your ability to crack this problem



This is not a one-and-done proposition: we’ll help you work through version after version until it’s right


Challenging the status quo

Things can and must change; disruptive innovation cannot take place playing by silly rules


Growth-minded, Strengths-based

Humans grow & learn so we leverage what you’re successful at and support where there are gaps


Upskilling, Capacity-adding

We commit to upskill your team and leave them fully capable of success, this is our promise.